Antique Urns, Vases, Plinths & Planters

Create a focal point for your garden or discover the perfect finishing touch in our range of cast iron and stonework urns.  From tiny Campana urns to giant Tazza.  Many by our favourite foundries – Coalbrookdale and Andrew Handyside.

Antique Cast Iron Urn Victorian Cast iron Urns

A small selection of cutrrent stock 19th cenntury cast iron urns.


Antique Cast Iron Urns Victorian Cast Iron Urns


Victorian cast iron urns come in all shapes and sizes, huge stocks to choose from.



A fun pair of petal rim urns, large size 24" diameter x 29" tall. Dont like the colour? have them painted in the colour of your choice.


Antique Cast Iron Urn Handyside Cast Iron Urn

Huge Handyside Urn on original pedestal, 26" diameter.

Number 26 in the Handyside Catalogue this rather wonderful cast iron urn with fruiting vines and cherubs.

Antique Cast Iron Urns Handyside Cast Iron Urns


Fabulous pair of 19th century Andrew Handyside cast iron urns on later weathered pedestals. Overpainted, many layers of crackled paint.

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